It’s here!



Good day.  Please excuse my recent absence from the blog.  It’s been frustrating to keep repeating that the book was almost ready, so I stopped doing so.

Today I’m happy to report that Guardians of the Trails; Secret Agents of the Wilderness in soft cover and eBook is available from Amazon ( and will soon also be available on this website.

In addition, in a short time our website will feature special pricing for a Guardians of the Trails two-year calendar with large, full-color photos of the secret agents in action.  Stay turned and we’ll soon have a preview.

The Guardians have many more successful missions under their collars and we hope a second book will follow soon.  Stay tuned.

Future blogs will feature discussions of  “dog gear” the Guardians and their faithful companion, Dad, have found useful in the wilderness.



The Guardians are almost here…..


October 17, 2018

Good morning.  The Guardians have been busy in the wilderness and have now put together more secret missions for their second collection of stories.

Wait, you say.  Where’s the first collection?

Well, it’s a week or two away as of this date.  The final edit is done and very soon the first collection will be available as an eBook from Amazon or as a soft cover from our website.  With luck we will soon have a calendar available from the website too!

Thanks for your patience.



Blog, 8-27-2018

Good morning.  The smoke from summer’s fires is now receding and the air is cool and crisp.  It’s a great time for the Guardians of the Trails to return to the wilderness!

Our first chapter book (Guardians of the Trails: Top Secret Agents Revealed) is being assembled by the designers now.  They will arrange and format it for e-books initially and for hard copies later.

The Table of Contents is on our homepage and we anticipate copies will be emailed to eager youths in a couple of weeks.

We hope you enjoy reading the stories as much as the Guardians enjoy patrolling the wilderness.



Best laid plans…..

Blog May 12, 2018


Best Laid Plans


Well, the” short cartoon” I planned for my blog mushroomed into a full story. I believe the wait will be worth it, though.

Now I wanted to comment on something else. I plan on making an effort to make kids really aware of the fascinating canine abilities.

Dogs are really different. As you read this you’re using your eyes, the dominant sense for humans. Not so for dogs. For them it’s their noses, and it results in some interesting abilities.

Smell is a dog’s dominant sense. It gives them a,” 3-D” sense of time looking backwards. They can tell not only who visited that large tree trunk but how long ago it happened. It would be like us being able to watch what happened yesterday.

My first standard, a wonderful blue, was a sight-hunter with a lousy nose when we were running trails. I thought maybe poodles, being raised as duck retrievers, had been bred for sight over smell. However, I found that Bella has a fair nose, and Peaches is even better.

But Crazy Lil’ is the champion, hands down. She can smell a potato chip a half a mile away.

On the story front, progress is being made on the publishing. Stay tuned, and be careful of ticks this time of year when you’re out in the fields with your dogs. They’re going to be very bad. I’m going to be trying some herbal tick repellents that are totally non-toxic over the next month or two. I’ll let you know how it works.

Till then.


Are we there yet….?

April 8, 2018

“We’re close…”

My dear departed father, an Air Force pilot, commented that, “…close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”  Unfortunately I wasn’t even close.

My estimate in the last blog that we would publish in two weeks was not accurate.  The revised “chapter book” format with multiple stories meant I needed more finished stories right now.  And I didn’t have them.

So while we are making good progress, publication is still a ways away.  The good thing for the Guardians and for their readers is that the chapter book will contain some of my favorite photos.

This image of Peaches near Tumalo Falls is from one of the new stories.  In the next blog we have a preview of our story near Broken Top.

‘Til then…