Ron Guiley is a doctor of optometry who has developed private practices in Hollywood, California and in Bend, Oregon prior to serving as Director of Glaucoma Treatment in an eye surgery center for eight years.  He has served as an adjunct assistant clinical professor of optometry at Pacific University College of Optometry and as a lecturer for the University of California School of Optometry’s Online Glaucoma Certification Course.  He currently practices in Bend, Oregon.

“One frigid, cloudless morning the dogs and I trudged through four inches of new snow to Big Eddy on the Deschutes River. A series of Class III rapids, it’s a popular destination during summer for rafters and kayakers. But that day the newly-risen sun warmed no one on the frozen banks but me and two shaggy poodles deliriously romping in the white powder. Their antics subdued as we approached the source of the soft roar and stood a foot away from the churning, aqua torrent raging past. It was an experience that begged to be shared with photographs. 

Thus Guardians of the Trails, Poodle Protectors of the Wilderness was born.  The poodle pack, now numbering three, eagerly investigates the trails of Central Oregon and shares the adventures in photographic tales to fascinate young readers and tap deeply into that ancient, wild heritage that resides deep inside us all.

But who authors the adventures?  If this is truly an author’s page I need to include the pups.  It’s true I’m the photographer and I put the stories together for publication, but it’s the dogs that really determine the story.  When we hike in the wilderness or along a seldom-travelled path beside a wild river, the pack is free to follow its canine nature.  It would be great to say I trained Peaches to give me her boisterous laugh on command, or that I trained Crazy Lil to climb anything taller than herself or to give me a happy backward glance or to get wet before she rolls in the dirt, but it wouldn’t be true.

The poodles are as much the authors of our many episodes as I am.  They’ll go anywhere, anytime and in any weather.  They never complain and always let me know they had a wonderful time.  Of course, bacon helps.”