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Secret Agents of the Wilderness, Volume 1

What if you were a secret agent protecting the wilderness and you could talk to Mother Nature? And what if she gave you special powers so you could talk to all the other forest animals in their own languages? And what if you got those special powers by rolling in Mother Nature’s Magic Dust?

Volume 1 Includes...

The Secret of Magic Dust

Humans are anxious to know how Crazy Lil is able to talk to animals. Do her special powers really come from rolling in Mother Nature's Magic Dust?

Watery Graves at Dillon Falls

When flying birds dive into the river and don't come up, the dog park is buzzing with rumors of evil spirits. Can the Guardians save the day?

Future Episodes to Include...

Danger at Black Crater

A forest fire threatens to destroy the forest and the animals. Can the Guardians warn them in time?

Tears on Tam McArthur Rim

Something is crying on the trail, but no one can find out what it is. Winter snow will soon bury all escape. Guardians to the rescue!

Mystery Trail Monster

A huge monster with long claws, red eyes and giant yellow teeth has terrified Little Ricky, and other dogs are now afraid to use the trail. This is a job for the Guardians!

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Puppy Peaches Joins the Guardians

At first there were only two Guardians, Bella and Crazy Lil. This is the story of how baby Peaches joined the elite secret agents of the wilderness.

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